Celebrating a Football Legend: Carol Thomas Receives Freedom of the City of Hull

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In a recent development that has garnered much attention and applause, Carol Thomas, the former captain of England's women's football team, has been honoured with the Freedom of the City of Hull. As a pioneer in the world of football, Thomas has broken several barriers and set numerous records throughout her illustrious career. This award is a testament to her impact on both the sport and her community.


Who is Carol Thomas?

Carol Thomas is a name synonymous with achievement in women's football. She was the first woman to earn 50 caps for England and was awarded a British Empire Medal in the Queen's Jubilee birthday honours. In 2021, she was also inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame at the National Football Museum in Manchester.


A Hull Lass At Heart

Born and bred in Hull, Thomas has never shied away from showing her love for her hometown. She has represented Hull and the East Riding while playing for the national team. In her own words, "I'm a Hull lass, born and bred, and I've always been proud of my city, and have tried to promote it wherever and whenever I can."


The Significance of the Award

The Freedom of the City is an honour that dates back centuries, reserved for individuals who have made a substantial impact in their field or community.

Thomas described the award as "the icing on the cake," further stating, "For me, coming from Hull, this tops the lot."


Family and Community Pride

The honour is not just a personal achievement for Carol Thomas; it's an achievement for her family and the community as a whole. She mentioned that the award is a great honour not only for herself but also for her family.


A Milestone for Women's Football

Carol Thomas receiving the Freedom of the City is not only a recognition of her achievements but also a milestone for women's football in England. It sends a powerful message about the importance of supporting women in sports and recognises the incredible talent that has often gone underrepresented.

In times to come, the story of Carol Thomas will continue to inspire young girls who dream of making it big in the world of football, and her Freedom of the City honour will stand as a landmark in her career and for the city of Hull.


Alun Wyn Jones the world's most capped rugby player - 170 Caps
Jones' illustrious rugby journey spans from under-18 triumphs to record-setting international appearances, culminating in his 2023 retirement, leaving a legacy as one of the greatest Welsh rugby players in history.
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The Honours Cap YouTube Channel

The Honour Caps YouTube Channel


We have recently launched our YouTube channel to help spread the word about our exclusive products. The channel has a number of videos at the moment and we are adding more in the future.


Honour Caps Introduction Video video length 56 seconds


The first video is a brief introduction to the channel and can be found here The video lasts for about one minute and is presented in a fun, quirky style. 


How to Design an Honours Cap| The Easy Way video length 6 mins 13 seconds


The next video we produced was initially streamed and compliments our how to design an Honours Cap post. It gives numerous tips and hints on designing the perfect cap. The video is ideal if you are short on time and need some fast inspiration as it is only five minutes in length. You can find the video from this link


The Honours Cap Tradition video length 3 mins 28 seconds


The final video represents more the tradition and history of the Honours Cap. It is a three-minute video and was made to assist in recognising the values of presenting the caps. The video can be found here

If you have any further suggestions for videos please contact us from the website contact page

Please subscribe to our video channel and like any videos you enjoy.



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Jason Leonard - The Career & The Caps

 Jason Leonard in rugby shirt playing for England



Written by David McDade

Jason Leonard's career was nothing short of spectacular. Over his 14 years playing for England he amassed a staggering 114 caps, captained the England team and won a World Cup.


Let’s take a look at the impressive career timeline of one of the game's greats.



 ● Receives call-up to the England squad as a Saracens player.

● July - Earns debut cap for the England squad. Takes to the field as the youngest prop in the English team’s history, in their 25-12 win over the Pumas in Buenos Aires, Argentina, aged 21.

● August - Earns his second cap against the Pumas in 15-13 defeat.



 ● January - Five Nations debut with a 25-6 win over Wales.

● March - England defeat France 21-19 at Twickenham for his first Grand Slam.

● November - First World Cup final ends in disappointment with a 12-6 loss against Australia.



 ● March - Secures second Five-Nations Grand Slam victory. 

● A career-threatening neck injury sends him to the operating table.

● October - Returns to international competition against Canada at Wembley Stadium.


 ● June - Called up to the British Lions squad for their tour to New Zealand.

● July - Debut test for the Lions in 20-7 win against the All-Blacks. 

● The Lions were beaten 30-13 in the second test.

● November - Member of the squad that defeated New Zealand 15-2 at Twickenham.



● June - Helps England to a mesmerising 32-15 victory over the Springboks in Pretoria.



 ● March - Third Five Nations Grand Slam in 5 years.

● June - A member of the England squad, losing in the semi-final.



 ● November - Earns 50th cap at Twickenham in a 54-21 win over Italy.

● December - Debut captaincy at Twickenham.



 ● May - Second Lions tour. Features as a replacement in the first Test victory against South Africa.

● November - Selected for the England squad to tour South Africa and New Zealand.



 ● October - Third World Cup Campaign, losing in the quarter-final to South Africa in Paris.



 ● November - Makes his 86th appearance for the England squad, surpassing Rory Underwood as England's most capped player.



 ● May - Third Lions Tour. Plays in the first and second tests against Australia. 

● November - Wins 93rd cap to become the world’s most capped forward, surpassing the record of the All-Blacks Sean Fitzpatrick.



● November - Brought back into the England starting squad for their Test against Australia at Twickenham.



 ● February - Earns his centenary cap at the RBS Six-Nations opening game against France at Twickenham.

● March - Wins fourth Grand Slam, defeating Ireland on their home soil in Dublin.

● October - Features as part of the England Squad taken to the World Cup in Australia.

● November - Named as part of the team to face Wales in the World Cup quarter-final, earning his 111th cap.

● Part of the semi-final winning team, defeating France in Sydney and advancing to the final.

● Wins his first ever World Cup, achieving his childhood dream.

● December - Named as the Recipient of OBE in the New Year Honours.



 ● March 9th - Confirms that he will retire from international competition at the end of the RBS Six-Nations campaign.

 For further statistics on Jason please visit the Jason Leonard page on ESPN.

 We hoped you enjoyed this timeline. Are you a rugby coach or administrator? Make sure you cap your players with the finest caps available from


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Sports Award Alternatives

A great example of a medal used as a sports award


An award is something that can be conferred on someone as a mark of achievement or merit. Sports awards are given to the players of a team in victory and to participants who have contributed to the team consistently over a long period. There are several kinds of sports awards like certificates, trophies, medals, ribbons and honour caps. Sports clubs have used items like these as their choice of awards. Let us look at some these sports awards:



It is a document that states exactly what you have achieved. It is printed on a thick paper with the logo of the club or the sponsor of the tournament. It has signatures of persons of authority or officials who certify the achievement and can be neatly mounted in a frame.



Originally, a trophy made reference to a part of an animal that was displayed after a hunt. Later, it came to mean the spoils of war. Now it denotes an item in the shape of a cup to usually signify a sports achievement. Trophies can be made of various materials like metal or wood. They can be formed into many shapes and sizes.



A medal is a small token of achievement. It is a small, circular and metallic object which usually is worn by the victorious players around their neck. The medals are embossed with the logo of the event or the sports club. It usually has a string to make it wearable.



A ribbon is an award made from a material like satin. It looks like a medal and has a pin to fasten it to clothing. It has pleating to give it a floral look. In the middle, some information about the award and the event is printed. It has a few fringe strips gathered that is made out of the same material.



Honours Caps are given to players who have appeared for their sides over a period of time. These look like any cap albeit with the logo of the team printed or stitched. They commemorate the player's achievements and merit. The players are also given this sports award when they have contributed to their team in a significant way. The players who are awarded the cap are potentially great players who have often led their side to victory. Honours Caps also denotes experience at the highest level of sports. It is a very prestigious article for any player to possess.



So, we have looked at many awards. However, the honours caps deserve a special mention because they are a class apart. For a player, they are something special. Unlike the other kinds of sports awards, it can be worn or easily displayed. It is very smart, stylish and traditional. They carry a certain prestige.

The honours cap is light and fits easily. They are economical and long lasting. The mark of achievement can be imprinted on the cap. It can be displayed by the player on the field or on special occasions. It has the utility of a cap and makes a unique award.

If you would like to make your own honours cap please contact us or visit the Cap Designer.

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The Top Five Most Capped Players In History

 Replica Honours Cap


Spectacular Sporting Achievements


The top 5 most capped international footballers is a very exclusive list. It is a list that the majority of professional footballers will never make. To make the top 5 requires more than a footballing talent.


Most players who begin their professional journey dream of playing club football. To become an International player takes more than the expected talent. To represent your country with over 100 appearances takes considerable talent (and luck).


The shortest career time on the list is 13 years 32 days, the longest 22 years 143 days. Both these extremes are remarkable time frames. To play with such intensity over 13 years requires an injury free career. To play over a prolonged 22 years requires dedication and commitment.


All the players on the current top 5 list are retired from international and club football. The only players near the top of the list currently playing are Iker Casillas and Gianluigi Buffon. Iker is a Goalkeeper and has so far represented Spain on 167 occasions. Quite remarkably Gianluigi is also a Goalkeeper and has represented Italy on 167 occasions. These players are currently joint 7 and 8 on the list (Jan 2016).


The Top Five Most Capped Players In History


1) Ahmed Hassan - 184 Caps - Egypt

Ahmed is the most capped International Footballer in history. Now retired he played his first International in 1995 and is now a football manager.


2) Hossam Hassan - 178 Caps - Egypt

Hossam is also Egypt's highest scoring player with 69 goals in his remarkable career. He is a twin and played with his brother for most of his career.


3) Claudio Suarez - 177 Caps - Mexico

Claudio began playing International football in 1996 and retired in 2006. He managed to wear his famous number 2 jersey in two World Cups.


4) Mohamed Al-Deayea - 172 Caps - Saudi Arabia

Mohamed's position in the top 5 is extra special. He achieved his Caps in the shortest career time, taking only 13 years 32 days.


5) Ivan Hurtado - 168 Caps - Ecuador

Ivan is the youngest player in history to represent Ecuador at just 17 years old. He also holds the world record for playing the most World Cup qualification games.


Outstanding service to Football


A collection of outstanding sporting achievement that in modern sport is going to be hard to beat. The order of the top five will change in time although the depth of these achievements will maintain a slow rate of change.They have a combined total of 879 Caps and a collective lifetime of football acquiring them.


If you would like your own replica International honours cap please visit our Cap Designer to create your own. Alternatively Contact Us and we can design one for you.


For further reading about International Football achievements please see our article on the nine England players with 100 Honour Caps.




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Nine England Footballers with over 100 International Honour Caps (the only nine)

The sensational ‘100 club’ has only nine English members. Each of these special players has qualified for over 100 Honour caps. The Honour Caps are handmade and customised for each player.


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How to design an Honours Cap (the basics)

Cap Designer Anatomy of an Honours Cap

How to Design your Caps (the basics)

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The Presentation Cap


What is a Presentation Cap?


 We specialise in producing bespoke Presentation Caps for all occasions. The tradition is an extension of the Sporting Honours Cap with emphasis on generic achievement. So, traditionally if you were a successful sporting captain then an honours cap would be more appropriate. However, if you toured with a sporting team then a Presentation Cap would be a more apt memento.


 The History


 Honours Caps go back as far as the first footballing internationals. Presentation Caps are an extension of this fine tradition. We have produced them for over 20 years and they are designed by our team and handcrafted. As the item becomes ever more popular our work becomes more creative and unique.


 What type of event


 Presentation Caps issue as a reward for many types of achievement. We produce them for all occasions including giving up smoking and passing a driving test. These are common gifts and quite different to standard presents. We personalise every detail of each cap  with names and dates as required.

Goal scorers in football seasons are also recognised. Club badges can be displayed along with names and goals scored with the season dates. Most sporting events can be included, if you need help just contact the team.


 How to design a Presentation Cap


 We have developed an online 3D Cap designer tool available free on our website. Once on the designer, you have over 3000 colour combinations and designs to work with. Select your club badge and upload with a simple click of a button. Presentation Caps come in many different trims, it's your cap so be creative.


 Display your Cap


 Once you have designed your cap you have a number of accessory options. Gone are the days when gifting the cap on its own was standard. We now have a number of ways to gift the caps and display them correctly. Frames, Boxes and Pouches will make your Cap  the perfect gift and provide safe storage and display.

If you would like some help with your Presentation Cap call our team on 0141 5540448 or go to the 'Contact Us' page


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Welcome to Our Relaunched Website
Welcome to Our Relaunched Website

An introduction to the new Honour Caps website.

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