Celebrating a Football Legend: Carol Thomas Receives Freedom of the City of Hull

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In a recent development that has garnered much attention and applause, Carol Thomas, the former captain of England's women's football team, has been honoured with the Freedom of the City of Hull. As a pioneer in the world of football, Thomas has broken several barriers and set numerous records throughout her illustrious career. This award is a testament to her impact on both the sport and her community.


Who is Carol Thomas?

Carol Thomas is a name synonymous with achievement in women's football. She was the first woman to earn 50 caps for England and was awarded a British Empire Medal in the Queen's Jubilee birthday honours. In 2021, she was also inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame at the National Football Museum in Manchester.


A Hull Lass At Heart

Born and bred in Hull, Thomas has never shied away from showing her love for her hometown. She has represented Hull and the East Riding while playing for the national team. In her own words, "I'm a Hull lass, born and bred, and I've always been proud of my city, and have tried to promote it wherever and whenever I can."


The Significance of the Award

The Freedom of the City is an honour that dates back centuries, reserved for individuals who have made a substantial impact in their field or community.

Thomas described the award as "the icing on the cake," further stating, "For me, coming from Hull, this tops the lot."


Family and Community Pride

The honour is not just a personal achievement for Carol Thomas; it's an achievement for her family and the community as a whole. She mentioned that the award is a great honour not only for herself but also for her family.


A Milestone for Women's Football

Carol Thomas receiving the Freedom of the City is not only a recognition of her achievements but also a milestone for women's football in England. It sends a powerful message about the importance of supporting women in sports and recognises the incredible talent that has often gone underrepresented.

In times to come, the story of Carol Thomas will continue to inspire young girls who dream of making it big in the world of football, and her Freedom of the City honour will stand as a landmark in her career and for the city of Hull.